Mama Husky is a perfect cuddle pillow for a sleeping baby

Huskies make excellent family pets since they are particularly child-friendly. Siberian Huskies get along well with humans and can mingle easily. Recently, one dog owner revealed a few occasions in which his dog engaged affectionately with their adorable daughter, Daisy.

Baby and Husky

Daisy and Millie were sleeping next to each other on the bed. The young baby girl stared at her dog and stuck her tongue out, mimicking the Husky. The gentle giant groomed the baby in response to her. The cute Husky eventually buried her face near the newborn. The child was overjoyed that the dog was so close. She proceeded to imitate her friend and amuse her parents.

The baby appeared to be at ease with her gorgeous furry buddy and seemed to enjoy the company of the gentle giant cuddling with her. The lovely Husky acted as if she were the little girl’s mother. She held the infant girl and was quite protective of her. Even the baby imitated the Husky, sticking her tongue out most of the time like a puppy.The little girl’s father inquired as to whether she was a Husky. Daisy answered by poking her tongue out cutely. Then she noticed her furry buddy resting next to her.

Baby and Husky

Daisy’s father then directed her to pet the dog’s head with his tiny hand. The small girl became very delighted when she began to speak to her father in her own language. A few seconds later, the Husky was discovered sleeping on her back, close to her human friend.

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