Husband spends over $5,000 on Christmas gifts for friends and coworkers; wife is’shocked’ at the cost of her gift.

A woman learned that her husband had spent more than $5,000 on Christmas gifts for his friends and family. When she saw what he had decided to give her, she was surprised to see that it was not as meaningful as the other gifts. A woman and her husband were celebrating their first Christmas together. They’d been together three years, and it was their custom to buy and give their gifts separately.

The woman stumbled upon her husband’s Christmas list by accident while searching through some stuff at home. She chose to read it out of curiosity. She couldn’t help but feel hurt after learning what her husband had planned for Christmas. She took to Reddit to inquire whether her emotions were inappropriate.Her husband prioritized gifts for his friends and extended family. Some of the most outlandish gifts he purchased included a $600 wristwatch for a coworker, a $250 jewelry for his sister-in-law, and $900 workout gear for a buddy.

The woman couldn’t wait to see what he’d get her for Christmas after seeing how much attention he put into his gifts for others. However, she became agitated as the list reached her name. Instead of something extravagant like the rest of the people on his list, he gave her a $20 stainless steel kitchen spoon set. The woman was taken aback and unable to ignore the pain she was feeling inside.

“I was too shocked to ignore this and I had a confrontation with him about it,” she said. Her husband stated that because he paid for the gifts, he was free to give whatever he pleased. The woman said that his lack of consideration made her feel insulted. Her husband also contended that she should enjoy a gift regardless of its monetary value. Her husband was enraged by the confrontation.

Meanwhile, the woman was unable to forget the experience because she believed her husband did not value her in the same manner she valued him.She’d purchase him his favorite shoes or gaming gear while they were still dating. Finally, the man called his wife a “ungrateful, spoiled brat.” He even asked her to drop her selfish attitude and accept what she was getting for Christmas. Since then, the husband has refused to speak to his wife because he believes she is being foolish.

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