My husband invited me to dinner and then demanded that I pay for both of us at the end of our meal.

A woman sought the assistance of Reddit users after refusing to pay for her husband’s supper at a restaurant. Prior to the dinner, they promised to keep their finances separate and pay for everything equally. However, the husband did not believe his wife would allow him to cover his portion of the supper. Finances are one of the most prevalent concerns that occur between husband and wife in the world of marriage. When it comes to spending money, couples with different resource values frequently dispute.

This is why it is critical to discuss finances prior to getting married, and to seek outside assistance if thoughts do not align. Unfortunately, after being married, a woman learned that money would be an issue in her married life. A 30-year-old woman posted anonymously on Reddit about her circumstances with her 32-year-old spouse. The pair has been married for four months and each makes their own living. Her spouse is a police officer, and she works as a secretary.

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The woman claims that her husband’s spending habits differ from hers. He is, admittedly, horrible at budgeting and does not plan for the future. He enjoys buying goods without considering his account balance. One day, the woman recommended opening a joint account with her husband. The husband and wife should have a joint account for savings and shared costs, but her partner perceived the resource as a pay raise.

The husband began spending recklessly, buying expensive stuff without first alerting his wife. “It was just like, grab some money and go spend it,” the woman explained. “Not okay because we have commitments.” When the woman discussed her situation with her husband, he admitted that having a joint account was a bad idea. He also defended himself, claiming that some of the money in the account belonged to him and that he didn’t need anyone’s permission to use it.

He asked her, “Am I crazy to think that everyone should just be able to have their own money to spend regardless of [whether] they were married or not?” The pair eventually agreed that they should keep their separate salaries but pay equally for whatever they spent together. One evening, the husband recommended that they go out to eat. The wife consented, assuming they would each pay for their own food.

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When the feast was finished, the husband, who had ordered extra meals and desserts for himself, was surprised when his wife requested separate checks. “You’re not gonna pay for my meal too?” that’s what he said.The man claimed he had already spent all of his money and did not have enough for dinner. His wife, on the other hand, pushed back and reminded him of their arrangement. She explained that paying for expenses equally also meant paying for your own food. Her spouse, to be fair, did not believe she would refuse to pay for him.

After the husband finished his arguments, the wife paid for her lunch and left. Two hours later, the husband returned home, telling her that his friend needed to go to the restaurant to pay for his meal, and accusing her of being cruel. After some arguing, the wife proposed that they seek professional help and go to therapy together. Her husband’s first question was, “But who’s paying?” and he proceeded to remind her of her “unacceptable” actions. He also demanded that his wife apologize for not paying for his meal.

The woman’s post attracted countless comments from Reddit users who understood her situation and supported her. One lady stated that her husband displayed red signals early in the marriage, while another urged that they address the situation, whether alone or with the help of a professional, before it worsened. Do you believe the woman was correct in refusing to pay for her husband’s meal? What would you have done if you were in her shoes? Should you pay for the man’s supper or leave?

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