The main causes of Divorce

There are so many things divorced spouses wish they could change in their relationships, and they often only realize this after they’ve divorced. When you’re in the midst of a failed relationship, it can be tough to identify problems and find remedies. However, with time and distance, anything might become evident. That’s not to argue the divorce was a blunder, or that if they’d done one thing differently, they’d still be together.

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Each scenario is unique, but looking back on these concerns and learning can be beneficial for couples who have gone through a divorce. For example, if communication was their demise, they may decide to prioritize it in their future relationship to avoid repeating the same mistakes.”That would include learning basic communication skills such as active listening, validating what their new partner is saying (whether they agree with what is being said or not), being courageously vulnerable,

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identifying and expressing their core needs, and expressing gratitude for their new partner,” Dr. Gary Brown, a Los Angeles-based couples therapist, says in an interview with Bustle. They may not have mastered certain skills in time to salvage their marriage, but they can put them to use in the future. According to experts, there are a few more things many divorced couples wish they had done differently, and what they may learn from it.

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1 Recognize Their Influence. 2 Discuss issues as soon as possible. 3 Pay Attention To One Another’s Needs 4 Priorities to Address Before Marrying 5 Have Been More Vulnerable 6 Have Undergone Couples Therapy 7 Increase your communication frequency.

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