The truth has finally been revealed! Sandra Bullock has acknowledged that recent allegations about her are accurate.

Keanu Reeves once surprised Sandra Bullock with truffles and champagne after she claimed she had never eaten either. Sandra Bullock remembers Keanu Reeves’ thoughtful gesture. Bullock and Reeves, both 57, first met on the filming of 1994’s Speed. On set, the two became fast friends, and the actress told Esquire that Bullock once mentioned to her that she hadn’t tasted truffles or Champagne while they were talking about them.

Following Bullock’s response, “No, never had ’em,” to Reeves’s remark, “Really?” the two appear to have moved on to a different topic. She told the magazine that Reeves arrived on his motorcycle a few days later, while she and her roommate were at home doing nail art. After ringing the doorbell, Bullock opened the door to find a nice surprise. She informed Esquire that Reeves had arrived with roses, Champagne, and truffles.

He entered and sat on Bullock’s couch as she poured Champagne and cracked open the truffles, saying, “I just thought you might want to try Champagne and truffles to see what it’s like.” Bullock went so far as to paint Reeves’ nails black—the same color she was wearing—when the actor reached out for her. “He’s a listener,” Bullock explained to Esquire. “It also drives. People. Crazy.”

Reeves had a date, according to Bullock, and did not wait long after delivering the truffles and Champagne. Bullock lauded her co-star’s listening abilities, adding they were evident in his kind gesture. “That’s what I mean when I say it drives you crazy,” she explained to Esquire. “When I first met him, I would fill as much silence as I could just to feel at ease.” And the more I rambled on, the quieter he became.”And I thought, I don’t understand what’s going on!” she went on.

“He’s looking at me with puzzled eyes. He keeps to himself. Did I say something that irritated him? And then he’d show up a day or two later with a message or a small item, saying, ‘I thought about what you said.’ And he’d have his answer.” “How many people do you know like that?” Bullock interjected. Despite his romantic gesture that day, Bullock maintained that she and Reeves never dated; she did, however, hint that the two may have been a lovely couple.

Furthermore, Bullock told Esquire that she believes a love relationship between herself and Reeves “could have survived” if they had pursued it. “Keanu’s a guy who, I feel like, is friends with every woman he’s ever dated,” she said. “I don’t believe anyone has anything negative to say about him. So maybe we could have made it. “I’m not sure.”

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