Touching story!!! Son takes widowed mother to altar with mysterious box, fulfilling father’s wish

Luke, 11, desperately missed his father. Andy was his companion and best friend at Friday night baseball games. However, his death changed things. Luke stopped watching baseball and never saw Claire happy after Andy died. She cried at his photos even after all these years. Luke couldn’t bear not knowing how to make his mother happy.Even at eleven, Luke was smart enough to know his mom dated. She would be depressed when she returned. “No one could make her happy like Andy,” Luke thought.

Claire refused to let someone else make her happy. Adding another man to her and Luke’s lives made her feel guilty. How could she welcome a new man while letting go of her lover? She would never do it. Luke gave Claire a gift from his pocket when he had Clarie’s hands in Mike’s. “Dad wanted you to open this now, mom,” he said. Luke told his mom one night, “But the living has to live on.”. Things changed then.

“Do you think Luke is ready for a new dad? Luke nodded and pursed his lips when she said her mother wasn’t pressuring him. If I have a new dad, mom, will you be happy? If you’re happy, I am, he said. “Yes, mom, Dad always told me life must go on. That made me realize I could be happy once Gran Molly went. So much love for her!” Claire decided to introduce Luke to Mike, her new boyfriend, after thinking about “Living have to live on”.

They had been dating two months and she was obsessed with Mike. She never really acknowledged their love until she considered cheating on Andy. After Luke’s encouragement, she felt ready to proceed. After dinner, she introduced Mike to Luke. Luke eagerly spotted Mike. Mike resembled Andy in every aspect. After clearing the plates, he helped Claire sit at the table and got her a chair.

Luke, want ice cream? He asked if chocolate would work, and Luke smiled . “That’s mom’s favorite,” he remarked. “Mine too!” “Sure, chocolate! I prefer vanilla, but chocolate wins!” he laughed.Luke, dissatisfied, questioned “Vanilla?” That’s dull! Mike, not cool!” Actually, same thoughts. Luke smiled as he winked and changed his favorite to chocolate because his two favorite people love chocolate. Luke and Mike became close.

Mike took Claire and himself to baseball games on weekends. Also, his food was excellent!Luke won his biggest fan when he made the best cheeseburgers and BBQ one Sunday afternoon. Claire saw another thing since Mike had made their lives extraordinary. That fateful day, she asked him to marry her because she and Luke liked him. Mike enthusiastically replied, “Yes!” “Yay! Luke hugged them and said, “I get to call you dad now.” Mike, please forgive me, but my late dad will always be my favorite. I loved him most.”

“No issues, champ,” Mike hugged Luke and Claire. I don’t mind finishing first or second. I appreciate having you and Claire here.” Luke looked affected as Claire stood in her bridal gown in her wedding room. “You know I’ll walk you down the aisle, mom? I want this, he informed her. Claire gently wiped his tears and hugged him. Honey, you can do it. Would love to watch you do it, she said.

Luke put Claire’s hands in Mike’s and gave her a box from his pocket after walking her down the aisle. “Dad wanted you to open this now, mom,” he continued. “But before you open this, mom, I have to tell you something…” he said, withdrawing a note from another pocket. “Dad wrote it in the hospital. Want to read this.” Luke cleared his throat before reading Andy’s letter. Luke, I know your mom will always love me as much as I love you both. But she may bring another man to our house, which is fine.

Your mom and you deserve happiness, but he must care for you and her. If that’s him, I respect him. You must also respect him. You must verify his sincerity and escort her down the aisle to where he will wait. Choose the ideal man for your mother! You can now open the box, mom. He finished. Claire’s heavy sobbing increased as she tore open the box. She found Andy’s wedding band and another letter in the box.

I’m sure Luke picked your best man. I always love you. Knowing you, I know you feel horrible about moving on, and I can help. Place the ring on your future husband’s ring finger. Always remind him that only strong and true men can be your husband!” “Mike deserves it, mom,” Luke added. “I know he will be my ideal father…He’ll adore you like dad. Mike, thanks! he said.

Mike cried after seeing Luke’s kindness. “Champ, I will always deliver.” His vow was solemn. So, the takeaway? Moving on after our loved ones’ deaths is a sign of healing. Claire struggled to fall in love following Andy’s death, but Luke’s comments gave her the courage to do so. A good man never leaves his family. Even when Andy wasn’t there with Claire and Luke longer, his parenting influenced Luke’s decision to marry Claire’s mother.

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