Watch the entire video ! This 5 years old boy surprised everyone..and they started to cry

If you’re anything like me, you’ll agree that music is a truly wonderful gift. In fact, it becomes much more magical when it is fully shared and experienced. Ryan Wang, a 5-year-old boy, is well aware of this reality.Ryan is from Canada and enjoys playing the piano.

On this special occasion, he gave a private performance for one unique lady, the 101-year-old Dorothy Landry. Dorothy adores this young man for his ability at the piano. Ryan is so talented with his enthusiasm that he has appeared on The Ellen Show and at Carnegie Hall. He’s fantastic!

Ryan quickly won this elderly lady’s heart with his little piano. In reality, as Dorothy reveals, they’ve met previously and have a thing for each other. Ryan enjoys playing for her, and she does as well! Watch the wonderful moment as Ryan works his piano magic. Dorothy wishes him a pleasant journey to China and hopes he will return to offer her some more. That’s fantastic!

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