He arrived for his discharge, but his wife was nowhere to be found; she had abandoned their triplets and vanished. Years later, the doorbell rung, and she was standing on the threshold.

I went to get my wife after she had given birth, but she wasn’t there; she had abandoned our triplets and gone. Years later, when the doorbell rang, she was standing on the doorstep… I’m a young male who was in a relationship with a lovely and charming young lady named. I couldn’t image going through the day without her. She moved in with me after a few months of dating.

We eventually married. I desperately desired children, but Masha insisted on living for herself for a while longer. I hoped to become a father, and it occurred miraculously: my wife became pregnant.This was a challenging time for her because her body was weak. The birthing was complicated, and the nurse came out a few hours later to tell me that she had given birth to triplets: two boys and a girl.

I was so excited that I leaped, ran, and shouted with joy. I returned home to grab the necessary items. My wife was gone when I returned to the maternity ward. The physicians informed me that Maria had fled without informing anyone.I called my parents and informed them of what had occurred. My parents and I arrived on the same day because we didn’t live too far away. My parents and I raised the children jointly.

The triplets attended kindergarten, then school, and graduated with honors. They all went to university and excelled in their studies. I, for one, remained alone. I never remarried because I had lost faith in women.The doorbell unexpectedly rang one day when we were having lunch with the kids. When my daughter opened the door, there stood my ex-wife. She asked if she might come in, and I gave her a cup of coffee.

We were reminiscing about our youth when she started looking for excuses. Finally, she admitted that she didn’t love me or the children at the time. She sat down and said that she now wished to repair her relationship with the children. She also requested money because she was homeless. We were taken aback.

It became evident why she had reappeared so unexpectedly. I didn’t mind my mother talking to the kids, but not when she was solely looking out for herself. I urged her to leave the apartment and cautioned her not to come back into our lives. She refused to give up and brought me to court for child support. She, of course, lost the lawsuit.She yelled at me and the kids after the court. At that precise moment, my daughter stated something profound:

“I’ve dreamed my entire life of becoming a mother.” It was quite difficult for me to witness the happy families of my friends who had both a mother and a father. I yearned for your warm hugs and encouraging comments. But now I see it’s best not to have a mother like you.”

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