I was in a minibus today. Two children boarded the bus at the stop. The child approached the driver to inquire about the cost, saying, “How much for a ride?” The driver replied, “9.” “And for the sisters?” inquired the boy. “15,” said the man.

I’m speechless; there’s nothing I can say… Today, I took the bus to Rivne and was very impressed by the driver. Polite greetings, a thank you for every response, and his focus never left the road during the ride. Two children boarded, and one of them inquired about the fare, noting that he was nine years old.

The driver inquired about the 15-year-old girl and then stated, “Then it’s one ticket for both of you.” I was happily surprised. Later, our bus pulled over for a long-distance traveler who had a mechanical breakdown.

The driver waived the fare, instructing him to have a seat and explaining that the money might be needed for repairs.A woman paid her fare at the next stop, but the driver refused, urging her to save the money for essentials.

The driver returned the long-distance traveler’s money as he exited the vehicle. I’m stunned, and I want to thank you for being who you are. May Ukraine see more people like you. May God always keep you and your loved ones safe.

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