She took a girl from the hospital where babies are born. Not her own, but one she turned down. However, she did not expect such a reaction from her husband.

A friend took in a little girl who had been left at the maternity hospital and raised her as her own. She picked a child who had been turned down because she wanted to give her all the love she had. After giving birth to her son, doctors told her that he was sick and wouldn’t live long. But because Karina loved and cared for him, he lived longer than expected. He even got married and had a short family life. She said goodbye to her son in peace because she had planned to and prayed for his soul.

The husband really wanted the adopted girl too and was very happy about it. When they brought her home, they were happy again. The girl’s parents loved her very much, and she loved them back. The girl found out after a while that she wasn’t really their daughter, but that didn’t change how much she loved them. They loved her very much. She got married as she grew up. A lot of people hurt my friend because she and her husband were left alone without a daughter again, which was very hard for them.

She and her husband moved to a new place and began their own lives. She visited them from time to time, but her heart was still empty. On my friend’s birthday, her daughter called to tell her she was going to be a mom. My friend was so happy, and the thought of having a child in the house made her feel at peace. My friend was in the hospital when they were sent home from the maternity hospital.

She told her mom that she was going to name the baby after her late brother. The mother was so happy that she started crying, but she argued that it wasn’t the right time. She gave her granddaughter her grandson and asked her to hold him while she drank tea. She knew she would have to feed the baby soon. They were told by their new grandmother that she would always be there for them and help and support them.

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