The garage is turned into a cute little house for Grandma so she can live close by. Take a look inside

ADU, which stands for “short-term accessory dwelling unit,” is a separate dwelling unit in a family home lot.It’s like an extra house, a little smaller than the main house, right next to or connected to the main house. The word “accessory” only refers to the fact that it is a secondary unit; it doesn’t describe the structure itself because it serves more than one purpose.

Martin Brown changed his garage into an ADU when he moved to Portland, Oregon. He moved his family to the city because he loved it so much. His mother-in-law wanted to live close by so she could be there for her grandson Sebastian when he was born. Martin thought about turning their garage into the grandmother’s home instead of getting a new house.The house is nice and has everything you need. The house was remade and redesigned so that it could fit the basic rooms of a house.

They made it work, even though it was small, and it was even bigger than they thought. hey made it feel like a separate house by adding planters and a path. As soon as you walk into the house, you feel at home and warm. There is a sofa bed that can be used as a guest bed whenever needed. It’s comfy enough to sit on and enjoy some free time while looking out the glass door.

There is a fireplace to keep the room nice and cozy. They also didn’t skimp on the kitchen room in this one.A full-sized fridge, two stoves, and one sink are there. However, there are enough shelves to keep things open and simple to get to. Hanging racks hold all the pots, pans, plates, and other cooking tools. These racks are also great for drying things. There is a queen-sized bed and a reading nook in the loft bedroom up above. The steps that lead up to the bedroom were also made to take up as little space as possible.

Because the steps have alternating treads, they can go all the way up without taking up a lot of room. We hope this one works well for Grandma for a long time. And right next to the stairs is a secret door that leads to a single bathroom. Getting as much light in as you can is important for making this ADU look big.To make it feel private, they didn’t put in any windows. Instead, a big glass door and skylights let light into the room.

Even the kitchen, which had a loft above it, has a glass window that lets light from the skylight in the loft into the kitchen. Martin also made sure that there would be a sign in the house that showed how it used to look. The outside of the house still looks like the garage it had in the 1920s; the new paint is the only thing that makes it look more modern.

Also, the original concrete floor was kept, so the building is built on a strong material that will last. Lastly, pieces of the old garage, like old locks and fittings, were glued to the kitchen counter to give it a more rustic-industrial look.It’s a beautiful tiny house that makes you think about getting one for your parents, in-laws, or even yourself!

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