The latest viral trend is to sprinkle salt on watermelon. This is why:

Watermelon has long been a popular summertime fruit enjoyed by people all over the world because of its juicy and refreshing flesh. But there’s a special way to enjoy this juicy fruit in the South of the United States: sprinkle salt on watermelon. While some may find it strange, adding salt to an inherently sweet fruit has become a Southern tradition, and for good reason. The exquisite fusion of flavors produced by the salt and watermelon combination entices the palate and gives off the sense of a genuine Southern dining experience.

The tradition of seasoning watermelon with salt has a long history in Southern cooking. Its exact origins are unknown, although it is thought to have originated as a means of bringing out the fruit’s flavor in the South’s hot and muggy atmosphere. It was quickly discovered that salt could also bring out the natural sweetness of fruits like watermelon. Salt has long been utilized as a natural flavor enhancer.

With time, the custom changed and became an essential component of Southern culture, particularly at summertime get-togethers and cookouts. Although it may seem strange to sprinkle salt over sweet, juicy watermelon, there is a scientific reason for this delectable mix. Because salt is supposed to stifle bitter tastes while heightening the sense of sweetness, it goes so well with the flavor of watermelon. Watermelon’s natural juices are drawn out when salt is sprinkled on its surface, producing a unique combination of sweetness and brininess that delights the senses.

Although salting watermelon is a straightforward task, it takes skill to execute it perfectly. While some individuals prefer a thin dusting of salt to bring out the subtle flavors, others may use a heavier hand to achieve a more apparent contrast between the sweet and salty flavors. When it comes to salting watermelon, there are no hard and fast rules; it’s entirely up to individual taste. For an added burst, some aficionados even get inventive and add a dash of lime juice or chile powder.

One of the main characteristics of Southern hospitality is providing salted watermelon during social events. Watermelon is a certain presence at any gathering, be it a backyard BBQ, a church potluck, or a family picnic. Watermelon salting is a custom that is frequently passed down through the years, strengthening bonds within the family and the community through a shared experience.

The practice of salting watermelon has become common outside of the South. The practice has attracted new followers in different regions of the nation and beyond as individuals travel and share their gastronomic adventures. Thanks to the influence of Southern cuisine, it is now fairly usual to see watermelon stalls or food festivals in various locations providing salted watermelon as a particular delicacy.

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