This Man Survived For 60 Hours In Sunken Boat, Without Food Or Water

A tugboat hauled an oil tanker off the coast of Nigeria in 2013. A rogue wave suddenly overturned the boat and snapped the tow rope about 4:30 a.m. When divers dived through the wreckage three days later, they were mainly looking for bodies. One passenger, however, was a Nigerian chef named Harrison Okene. As a precaution against pirates, crew members were locked in their cabins. As a result, when the ship began to sink, they were unable to escape. Okene, on the other hand, had arisen to use the restroom, a choice that saved his life.

Okene was flung from the bathroom while wearing only his boxer shorts as the boat capsized. “I was dazed, and everywhere was dark as I was thrown from one end of the small cubicle to another,” he told me. He was, however, the lucky one. The other passengers did not survive. Okene, fortunately, was able to enter the engineers’ office and breathe via a small pocket of air. Unfortunately, at that time, the boat had reached the seafloor, which was approximately 100 feet (30 meters) deep. And Okene was left in a frigid chamber with restricted oxygen, with no clothes, fresh drink, or food.

Everything was stacked against his survival. “All around me was just black and noisy,” the man stated. “I was crying and pleading with Jesus to save me, and I prayed so hard.” I was so hungry, thirsty, and cold that all I could think of was seeing some form of light.” He did, however, survive. Okene discovered a bottle of Coca-Cola and a life jacket with two little torches in the room. Despite this good fortune, he became disillusioned as he heard sharks and other animals devouring the bodies of the other crew members.

Despite this, he was able to construct a little platform out of two mattresses to keep himself out of the water. He would have perished of hypothermia within a few hours if he had remained in the frigid water. He went on to say, “I began calling on the name of G-d… I started thinking about the passages I read before going to bed. From Psalm 54 to 92, I read the Bible. When my wife contacted me before I went to bed that night, she gave me the verses to read.”\

Harrison Odjegba Okene survived 3 days in air bubble under water | CBC News

“This man was lucky to survive because there was a sufficient amount of trapped air in his air pocket,” said Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) physicist and recreational scuba diver Maxim Umansky. “He was not poisoned by the CO2 after 60 hours spent there, because it stayed at safe levels, and we can speculate that it was helped by the ocean water sealing his enclosure.”Salvage divers discovered him after nearly three days of praying and worrying about his loved ones.

Okene was certain he was going to die there at that time. Then he heard a boat engine and an anchor drop. However, he was confined in a massive vessel and feared they would not be able to find him on their own. So he yanked on the outer layer of the cabin’s wall until he reached the steel layer. He pounded on it with a hammer at first, but it didn’t work. “I heard them walk away. They were a long distance away from where I was.”Okene didn’t realize how long he had been confined in the sunken boat until the divers finally located him. A diver warmed him up with hot water before attaching him to an oxygen tank.

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