Woman Performs ‘Immoral Stuff’ to Care for Her Children and Turns Pale When Seeing Future Son-in-Law’s Family

After their father abandoned them, a woman and her children faced a dismal future. She took morally dubious jobs to care for her children and fund their education. These decisions, unbeknownst to her, would eventually plague her daughter’s life, casting a gloomy shadow over her destiny.An anonymous female contributor revealed her story in the “AITAH” subreddit on May 16, 2023. The 26-year-old non-American woman began her testimony by describing how her father abandoned her and her mother when she was five years old, leaving them in abject poverty. She also had a younger brother, 21, who eventually departed the country with his mistress, cutting all links with his family.

To put food on the table, the woman’s mother resorted to some “immoral stuff” to make ends meet. She worked as a dancer and sometimes engaged in unsavory acts to ensure her children had a chance at an education. Despite the unusual circumstances, the woman and her brother were sent to school, owing to their mother’s efforts.Understanding her mother’s terrible condition, the woman never felt ashamed of her mother’s conduct; she respected the sacrifices made to ensure a brighter future for them. At the age of 14, the woman began working part-time while succeeding academically, receiving a scholarship to a prestigious university.

Her tenacity and hard work paid off, opening doors to previously unattainable prospects. Her brother eventually got a part-time job, which helped the family financially. As time passed, the woman’s mother decided to stop stripping and instead work as a waitress.The woman met her fiancé, Javi, 27, in college, marking her first serious relationship. Their love was sincere, but she was hiding something important. She had never revealed her mother’s difficult past, a vow she had made to her mother, who insisted on keeping their history private.

Despite their split, she emphasized her unwavering affection for him as well as the hardship of moving on from their six-year relationship against their financial difficulties, Javi was aware of the family’s poverty but never criticized them; he was a loving and compassionate companion, even helping to the woman’s brother’s education against her objections.

The woman and her mother went to Javi’s house to meet his parents, unaware that his uncle and aunt would also be there. When her mother met his uncle, she became pale and visibly terrified. His uncle’s keen glance suggested recognition, which made her mother obviously uncomfortable.Her mother was uncomfortable and wanted to go, so she left the gathering early. Javi, who was befuddled by the circumstances, was left in the dark.

“The next day, my fiancé came to our place and shouted at me that I lied to him,” the woman stated of Javi’s visit. “He said that I am a gold digger just like my mother, and my mother is the reason why his uncle’s first marriage broke.” Faced with a volley of allegations, the woman demanded an explanation from Javi, perplexed by his outburst. His uncle, he claimed, knew her mother and was a regular client of her services.

When his uncle’s wife discovered the affair, she filed for divorce right away. The woman’s mother, who had no idea of the man’s marital status, was upset.The original poster defended her mother in a heated argument, underlining that the fault belonged with the married guy who had hired escorts. Javi, on the other hand, remained unaffected, labeling both her and her mother as disparaging. Despite her mother’s pleas, he threatened to call off their engagement, indicating that he couldn’t accept her family history.

What Happened to the OP’s and Javi’s Relationship? In the face of a difficult choice, the woman chose to end the relationship. She refused to abide the prejudice and pain Javi’s decision would cause her mother by returning the engagement ring.Despite her mother’s concerns about her future, the woman refused to be ashamed of her family’s history. Finally, she questioned whether she had made the wrong decision, seeking affirmation for her actions.

To clarify the issue, the OP stated that Javi was kept up to date on most elements of her life, including the problems caused by her father’s absence and their financial difficulties. While she hinted to her mother’s challenging circumstances, she never directly shared facts about her employment history in order to prevent issues. She also stated that she never requested Javi to help with her brother’s education; his contribution was entirely voluntary. Despite their split, she emphasized her unwavering affection for him as well as the hardship of moving on from their six-year relationship.

In a May 26 post, the woman expressed her thankfulness for the outpouring of support from strangers, emphasizing the unexpected compassion of an online community. Despite her misgivings, she experienced less hatred than she expected, especially given her mother’s previous occupation. After calling off the engagement, the woman was put under pressure from friends and Javi’s family to reconsider her decision. Javi apologized and proclaimed his love in a vulnerable moment, but only on the condition that her mother not be engaged in any wedding functions due to her past.

He claimed that being around her mother would be difficult for his family, particularly his uncle. This demand made the OP realize that her sentiments and family were never actually regarded; it was all about meeting the expectations of his family. The woman refused to give in to these pressures, acknowledging her mother’s sacrifices and refusing to be criticized because of her origins. She ended the relationship, expressing her commitment not to jeopardize the integrity of her family.

She was emotionally exhausted and considered moving due to the probable response at her workplace, where she thought she would be ostracized. In a final message to Javi, the OP expressed regret for not sharing her mother’s past sooner, but grieved the end of the relationship. She vowed to reimburse Javi’s contribution to her brother’s education, not wanting to be accused of taking advantage of him. She also faced religious groups that were denouncing her mother, showing the hypocrisy of ostensibly pious people participating in her mother’s past job.

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