Watch the Video! How This Baby learns to walk with her pet dog’s support

Allison and Matt share their home with two dogs, Mason and Breck. When Allison became pregnant, the two dogs knew something was going to happen. So when she gave birth to a baby girl, the couple was concerned about how the two dogs would respond to the new addition to the family. The two dogs were overjoyed when the couple brought their newborn home. They rushed over to the infant and began sniffing her. The canines, however, were uneasy approaching Jordan, much to the surprise of the new parents.

Adorable dog and baby

The two dogs had been by her side since the beginning. Mason, on the other hand, went one step farther. To Jordan, he was like a shadow. He would always be by Jordan’s side and keep his head on her to rest. Mason, according to Allison, was like a safety blanket for Jordan. Mason enjoyed coming over and lying down next to Jordan. Jordan would put miniature plastic spectacles on Mason’s head and the two would play. The dog was quite patient with the mischievous baby. Mason also tried to entertain her whenever he could.

The way the two engaged with each other was amusing. They always communicated in their own tongue. Jordan learned to stand up by leaning on Mason and using his body as support. She also learned to take her first baby steps with the assistance of the dog. He was constantly available to Jordan.

Adorable dog and baby

Jordan’s family went to a Boston beach for a brief outing after he learned to walk correctly. Mason and Jordan had a great time playing in the sand. Jordan shared her food with the dog, and the two enjoyed cuddling. They are great friends who are completely inseparable. They are always content to be together. Mason follows Jordan everywhere she goes and never lets her alone for even a second.

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