Watch the video. Audience In Awe as Children’s Christmas Recital Turns into Surprising Shake Dance

Christmas concerts for children are incredibly uplifting. Preschoolers at St. Elizabeth Child Care in Jersey City, NJ, created a charming movie that captures the atmosphere of one of these gatherings. Every year, the performance of these adorable kids of “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” becomes a major thing.The children in the video are ecstatic as they walk in a line with their hands behind their backs, all dressed in matching green clothes and holiday accessories.

The curtain rises later, revealing three rows of young players on stage. The caption reads, “A Child Is Born.” The crowd erupts in applause as some children wave to their family and others appear stunned by the attention. The choreography begins as soon as the music begins, showcasing the small performers’ adorable and natural gestures. Shaking your hips, gesturing to the crowd, shimmying, and rocking back and forth during the chorus are some of the dancing motions.

The fact that the dancing isn’t perfectly timed adds to the pleasure of the performance.The teacher in the front row demonstrates the dancing routines and ensures that the children stay on track throughout the routine. During the musical interlude, the youngsters hold hands and sway before returning to the exciting chorus dances. Parents and other family members are in the audience, clapping and swaying to the music because the children on stage are so adorable.

The youngsters offer a tremendous finish with their hands waving in the air at the end of the film.The audience applauds as the small artists take their bows and the curtain falls. People who saw the video on YouTube expressed their delight, calling the act “so funny” and “so cute.”Some comments mocked the children who may have missed a step, while others commended the small girl in the middle for singing along and appearing to know the moves.

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