A Roman mosaic floor was found under an Italian vineyard.

A Roman tile was found under a farm in Italy not far from Verona. The treasure was found by builders in the northeast of Italy, in the hills above the Negrar di Valpolicella neighborhood. The find was made in the same spot where the ruins of an ancient house were found more than 100 years ago. Archaeologists think that the intricate floors may have been part of the building that was already found. It was found “after decades of fruitless efforts.”

Experts are working on the safest way to dig up the detailed mosaic floor, which is thought to be from the third century AD. A Roman tile was found under a farm in Italy not far from Verona. It says that “part of the flooring and foundations of the Roman Villa have been found north of the capital, by scholars more than a hundred years ago.” “After that, the Superintendence will talk to the landowners and the Municipality to figure out the best way to make this archaeological treasure available, open, and easy to see.”

The answer won’t come soon, and a lot of work will have to be done. Finally, though, it’s important to keep an eye on the road. Work on the site stopped in 1922, but it was picked up again last summer by a group from Verona’s Superintendent of Archaeology, Fine Arts, and Landscape.

The dig had to be put on hold again this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, but it was started up again not long ago. Soon after, the exciting find was found. The finding was made online by archaeologist Myko Clelland and was tweeted about. Since then, the tweet has gone viral. Thanks for reading our story.

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