How to Make a “Magical” Drink with Honey and Garlic for Cold and Flu Season

The first person who told me about garlic honey was my friend Garry. He is quite interested in “natural remedies,” and I found it interesting that he used garlic honey to boost his immune system and fight colds and the flu during the winter. As I said, he is a “herbal medicine freak.” As someone who has used it every morning for about a year, I can say for sure that it has made a big difference in my health.

Read on to find out how to make garlic honey! If you want to know how to make garlic honey or if you have any concerns about the safety of mixing raw honey and garlic, this page has all the answers. A child smaller than one should never, ever eat raw honey. When garlic and honey are mixed chemically, the garlic is thought to become less strong and some of its antibiotic properties are taken out.

Recipe For Garlic-Honey 'Magical' Drink For Cold And Flu Season

Honey’s antibacterial qualities, along with its other health benefits, make it very powerful. Always use fresh honey from your area. Because the antibacterial properties are lost when food is heated, it should be eaten raw. For people with allergies, getting small amounts of local pollen can help, so it’s best to stick to local sources. Works well for people on a low-sodium, veggie, or gluten-free diet

Should not be eaten on low-sugar or migraine-prone diets. The point of today’s article is to help you get your health back by making changes to your food and lifestyle. You can make this tasty garlic-honey toddy with or without the echinacea tea to stay healthy during cold and flu season. Course on Printing and Pinning Recipes:

WHAT’S IN IT. 1 teaspoon of honey mixed with garlic (see below for directions), 1 lemon One wedge, 1 tablespoon of pure, extra virgin, or ghee coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of chopped fresh ginger, 1 echinacea tea bag, if you want to., 1 pinch of chili pepper, if you want it. In a mug, add the things and stir them around until the water is almost boiling. Don’t drink for at least five minutes after.

To turn garlic into honey. Cut one head of organic garlic into very thin slices after taking off the papery skins. Put it all in a glass jar and drizzle raw honey over it.
While it sits for a few days, stir it once or twice a day. You’ll know it’s done when the color changes to yellow and it starts to run. Keeps going forever.

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