Look out for these strange black dots in your kitchen. You need to know what they mean.

In addition to being good places to chat, connect with friends, and post pictures, social media sites like Facebook and Reddit are also great for getting help with a wide range of problems. A mom recently shared pictures of some strange black dots on her skirting board and wall on a Mrs. Hinch fan page and asked other users to help her figure out what those dots might be.

The mom asked, “Does anyone know what this is?” “Just showed up on the skirting board in my dining room about a week ago. There are also bits on the wallpaper and the floor, which I mop every day! “It’s not bumpy; it looks like paint splatter, but it’s not,” she wrote next in the post. The trolls didn’t let us down as usual. A lot of people gave ideas about what those strange spots might be. Some people thought the pictures showed fly poop, while others thought they showed spider poop.

“This is a common problem this time of year: spiders poop everywhere. Dettox spray works well for this,” someone said. “That’s spider poop from eating flies.” “I get it on my window sill,” said someone else. People let spiders into their homes all the time, but they are not thought of as unwanted pests. Even better, some spiders are thought to be helpful because they naturally kill bugs. Also, spiders poop, just like any other live thing. But do you know what spider poop looks like?

As it turns out, spider poop is more like a thick, dark liquid that looks like paint splatter. A “bolus,” which is an indigestible ball of the bodies of their food or a web they ate by accident, is something that some spiders make in addition to poop. These look like white balls made of broken bug parts. It is important to know that spider webs are not poisonous, but they are very difficult to get rid of and can leave nasty stains on walls, furniture, and fabrics.

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