The baby was crying from a high temperature. Then Dad took off her socks and noticed it

For Scott Walker, a young father from Kansas, USA, the threat to his daughter Molly’s health and safety was terrible. She was crying that day, and Scott saw that Molly’s fever was going up. When her worried father took off her socks, he saw something terrible. The couple already has a 3-year-old daughter, so Molly is not their first kid.

He chose to post this story on his Facebook page because he thinks parents should talk about their situations with each other. It could save lives! Scott saw that one of his daughter’s toes on the leg was hurt when he took off her socks. The edema could be seen with the naked eye. It turned out that the hair was tying the finger up really tight, which made it hard for blood to flow.

There is even a name for this in medicine: gate syndrome. Luckily, Molly’s health did not change in any way. Mom quickly took away the pain that the hair was causing her. The shot below shows how the finger still looked 45 minutes after it was opened. The hair was pulled too tightly, which was a shame. He was caught just in time, though.

Turnstile syndrome (TS) is a circular compression (strangulation) of an  organ or part of the body. The syndrome is characterized.. | VK

Scott talked to a doctor about this. Then I found out that this is a pretty common syndrome kids have. The only way out is to check the baby’s fingers often and remember about the gate syndrome.

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