My daughter-in-law told me not to buy a Christmas present for my son, then said, “Where is Patrick’s present?”

A mother did not buy a Christmas present for her son after her daughter-in-law advised her not to. During their Christmas celebration, her daughter-in-law inquired about her husband’s gift, leaving the mother speechless.A mother questioned whether she was being too severe by evicting her son and daughter-in-law during the holidays. She polled Reddit people to see if they thought she was mistaken.

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The adoring mother adored her three children and got along with two of her in-laws. She had two sons and a daughter, with her son Patrick standing out from the rest.Patrick’s mother described him as asocial and reclusive. He was especially nasty to his younger sister, pushing her down and mocking her Patrick’s wife, whom he’d been with for 15 years and married for eight, picked up on his cruel streak. Not only did the woman’s younger daughter have trouble getting along with Patrick’s wife, but she did as well.

The mother attempted to be as welcome, caring, and kind to her daughter-in-law as she was to her other two in-law children. However, she found it tough due to her daughter-in-law’s attitude The mother found herself in an unusual scenario one day while baking cookies with her daughter and daughter-in-law. Her daughter-in-law requested that she not buy Patrick a Christmas present because he “doesn’t want any.”

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A part of the woman was aware of this. Patrick wasn’t a great fan of gifts, but he did appreciate them. She’d always give him practical things that he could use to supplement what he already possessed, such as pots, pans, and power tools. Her daughter-in-law, on the other hand, maintained he didn’t want a gift that year.When Christmas arrived and everyone was giving gifts, the woman’s daughter-in-law asked, “Where’s Patrick’s present?”

“You told me not to get him anything, remember?” said the woman, surprised. What her daughter-in-law did next was the woman’s final straw.Her daughter-in-law disputed everything, but the woman had the support of her daughter. When her daughter did, her daughter-in-law remarked something completely callous to them: “You guys must be off your meds again. The woman snapped in disbelief.

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She was so humiliated that she became enraged at her daughter-in-law and chastised Patrick for allowing his wife to treat his own family as “trash.”The enraged mother felt compelled to urge Patrick and her daughter-in-law to leave. Her other kid believed she was being dramatic, but she felt insulted and mocked in her own home. The mom worried if she was wrong to kick them out during Christmas on Reddit.

While the mother was aware that she had “ruined” the couple’s celebration, she wondered whether anyone cared about how she felt.People surprised her by siding with her and believing her daughter-in-law was in the wrong. “Yeah, it sounds like she’s purposely trying to sabotage you two with the gift thing, which is super weird,” a Twitter user commented.

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