A woman lives in a historic little spite cottage that was initially designed to irritate an ex-husband. take a look inside

A strange architectural jewel known as the Montlake Spite House remains as a tribute to human anger converted into the artistic building in Seattle’s Montlake district. This distinctive pie-shaped house, which dates back to the 1920s, symbolizes a historical tale rooted in personal revenge. According to history, a former couple formerly owned the corner property where the modest house currently stands.

Emily Cangie, the current owner of the pie-shaped tiny house.

Following their divorce, the wife received only half of the property. She created this peculiar residence to impede her ex-husband’s view, seizing the chance to convey her dissatisfaction.The pie-shaped home, which is only 55 inches wide at its narrowest point, has just enough room for a queen-sized bed. According to Faircompanies, the Montlake Spite House, which is currently owned by Emily Cangie and often referred to as her “little wedge of cheese,” has been a house for two and a half years.

Seattle's iconic pie-shaped 'spite house' is back on the market | KOMO

Emily discovered the apartment to be extremely cozy, despite her initial fears about being exposed to the enormous construction. The lower level, which was once a garage or carriage house but has been christened the “captain’s quarters” by Emily, exemplifies the builder’s creativity. According to mythology, this creative endeavor took place when women in the United States needed male co-signers for loans. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974 put an end to this practice.

\Living and dining area of the pie-shaped tiny house featuring cozy counches and Lucite chairs.

According to Home Hacks, despite its unusual shape, the Montlake Spite House has changed hands several times over the years. Each owner has preserved its appeal, generally preserving the interior. Stepping inside brings to mind the marine efficiency of a well-designed boat. The living area, despite its small size, demonstrates careful design decisions. The space’s historical authenticity is enhanced by a dining table for six, Lucite chairs for light transmission, and original hardware on doors and windows.

Montlake Spite House's bedroom with comfy queen-size bed and a side cabinet.

Despite its obstacles, the wedge-shaped bathroom has a tub, shower, and plenty of room for movement. The bedroom, which has a queen-sized bed and two drawers, serves as a hideaway with a continual reminder of the house’s founding story—two neighbors who live nearby and are only separated by spite.

Montlake Spite House's view from the other side.

It’s tough not to imagine the original owner of the spite house, a resolute woman ready to express her independence, living close down the street from her ex-husband.

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