When this little boy’s mother read his letter to Santa in order to learn what items her children had requested, tears streamed down her cheeks.

Having a sibling is an incredible blessing. When no one else is available, your brothers and sisters will always be there for you. You share your joy, pain, and triumphs with them, and you turn to them when things get tough. Ryan Suffern, an 8-year-old North Carolina kid, has a twin sister. He adores her…unconditionally. He cares so much about her that he’s prepared to sell some pretty great toys for her happiness.

As it turns out, his sister Amer is heavier than Ryan and the other students in their class. Unfortunately, this made her a target of bullying. Ryan wants the children to stop picking on her and tease her. This little youngster wrote to Santa, and his message touched many people’s hearts. He wrote in it that he wanted a remote-controlled car and a helicopter, but changed his mind since he now had a much more important request: that his sister not be picked on any longer.

He argues that Amer does nothing to encourage her bullies and that it is unjust to taunt her. Ryan is enraged by this. When his mother Karen received the letter to see what toys her children had requested, tears streamed down her cheeks. The truth is that she was aware that her kid was bullied at school, and no matter what she attempted to avoid it, nothing changed. “She used to tell me things that kids would say at school,” Karen explained.

“They would encourage her to do things like crawl on the floorboards of a bus. She used to eat items off the chairs…It saddened me because I was thinking, “I hope she’s not feeling like I did when I was her age.” And there was a pattern to everything. When the tale of Ryan’s letter and Amber’s bullying became public, the two were invited to appear on Good Morning America. Amber recounted to Josh Elliott, the co-anchor of Good Morning America, how students at school hate on her but she has no idea why.

“They claim I’m overweight. I’m a moron. I’m unattractive. I’m also hideous. “I don’t believe them,” the girl stated. Amber characterized her sweet brother as entertaining, lively, and protective. Aside from requesting Santa not to bully his twin sister, Ryan also asked whether Amber’s favorite band, Big Time Rush, could come to her birthday party and make it even more special. This was like a birthday present.As you might expect, the folks at Good Morning America fulfilled this wish by inviting the band to their show as well.

Not only did they perform for Amber that day, but she and her caring brother were also invited to attend a weekend performance in New York City as VIP guests. Fortunately, once this tale went viral, Karen was permitted to initiate contact with her children’s school, which improved Amber’s situation, who suffers from ADHD, depression, and mood disorder.
“The school has contacted me, and they are ensuring that my daughter is comfortable and safe.”

They put her on the bus because the bus is where 98 percent of the bullying occurs. She is currently seated with her cousin, who is significantly older than Amber.” “Today and yesterday she didn’t wake up begging me to let her stay home, so I guess that’s a good sign,” she said.We sincerely hope that this boy’s wish comes true and that all bullying in the world ceases, as it is a very severe issue that impacts many young children.

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