My daughter-in-law wants me to watch her kids for nine hours a day for a week

My daughter-in-law, who had been a stay-at-home mom for four years, asked my grandmother to watch her two kids, ages 4 and 2, for nine hours a day for a week. This put my grandmother in a tough spot. The son-in-law’s daughter had just started working and needed child care until the school could take the kids. The grandmother said no, though, because her daughter-in-law had a long list of rules for the kids, such as a vegetarian diet, tight language control, no TV, and planned enrichment activities.

The daughter-in-law was so scared she would lose the job that she called her grandma in tears and begged for help. The grandmother asked Reddit users for help on whether she was wrong to refuse or whether her daughter-in-law was being unreasonable. Different people had different opinions. Some supported the grandmother’s choice, pointing out that grandparents shouldn’t be used as free child care, while others said she should help her son and daughter-in-law to support the family.

Some people didn’t like the daughter-in-law’s rules because they were too strict for a short-term situation. Some people said the week could be the grandchildren’s vacation, which would give them more freedom. Others thought the grandmother should spend that week with her family instead of seeing friends.

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