In a guitar shop, an 81-year-old grandfather picks up a guitar and starts playing it in a way that makes no one believe it’s him.

The grandfather keeps strumming and closes his eyes, lost in the world of music. The sound makes him think of old times, maybe songs from his childhood. People watching can’t help but smile as they see a live example of how music can still make people feel good.

As soon as the music stops, the guitar store turns into a temporary concert hall where a professional player performs for the crowd. The music from the grandpa becomes a way for young and old to connect through the global language of melody.

Everyone lets out a sigh of relief when the last note dies away. As the grandfather carefully puts the guitar back on its stand, he nods in response to the quiet cheers that fill the room. As he walks out the door, he not only leaves behind the chords of his impromptu performance, but also a memory for everyone who was there to see this amazing event in the small guitar shop.

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