Jim Carrey grows long hair after leaving the limelight, and his new look on his 62nd birthday confuses some fans.

Jim Carrey has grown his hair long and now lives a “quiet life” away from the spotlight of Hollywood. His fresh look on his 62nd birthday has confused some. Jim Carrey, a revered Hollywood legend, celebrated his 62nd birthday yesterday. Carrey celebrated the occasion with friends and industry figures such as Adam Sandler and David Spade. Carrey, who has stepped away from Hollywood’s spotlight, was seen in the images with long hair.

His appearance elicited varied emotions. One social media user asked, “Is that Jim, or the lady who looks like Jim??” An Instagram user inquired, “Was this a retirement thing for him?” Another person made a joke about their childhood, saying they were “getting old” while referencing to Carrey’s photographs. Someone else was simply surprised at how much Carrey and his fellow actors had changed, stating, “OMG, they’re getting older.

Others praised Carrey, saying he “looks like a rockstar.” Another fan gushed: “I’ve never met Jim, but he’s always been my role model. “He is the universe.”In 2022, the “Bruce Almighty” star gave an interview about his then-new film “Sonic the Hedgehog 2.” During the interview, the subject turned to Carrey’s personal life. The interviewer inquired about Carrey’s grandson and whether or not he enjoys the “Sonic the Hedgehog” genre, to which the actor said, “He loves it, and he kicks my butt at the game all the time;

I mean it’s ridiculous…”Aside from discussing the grandpa and grandson game duels that the two enjoy, and proudly gushing over his cherished grandson, Carrey revealed some details about his profession. In this regard, the doting grandfather revealed: “Well, I’m retiring.” After the interviewer established that the actor was serious, Carrey stated that his decision would be based on whether or not he is presented with a script of societal value that piques his creative interests.

He admitted: “I’m taking a break, yeah…I enjoy my tranquil life, painting on canvas, and my spiritual life…Another reason Jim Carrey intends to retire is his ability to identify when he has had enough and accomplished enough as an actor. His self-awareness also allows him to recognize that he is enough to be himself without all of Hollywood’s glitz and dazzle.

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