7-year-old boy disciplined at school for saying “Jesus Christ”. Read mom’s shocked reaction

If you have kids who have been to school or are going to school, you know that the call telling you that your child has been dragged into the principal’s office for bad behavior is one of the worst things that can happen. Because I often got into trouble, it seemed like my mom was always going to school to meet with teachers and say sorry for whatever I’d done that week or month.

One mom from Mississippi was confused, though, when she says her son’s school called to tell her he was in trouble for saying “Jesus Christ” in class. News sources say that Shonna Coleman was first told that her son had used a “bad word” in one of his lessons. However, when she learned what he had said, she couldn’t figure out why that would get him in trouble and what the school’s policy is on this supposed rule violation.

She shared on Facebook a written report card that her son had brought home from Hope Sullivan Elementary School that same afternoon. The name of the report was “Parent Notice of Disciplinary Incident,” and it had a list of checkboxes and reasons for sending the report. The story said that Shonna’s son had said “Jesus Christ” when he dropped the Legos he was putting away after recess. It said this was “unacceptable language” too.

In an interview with FOX13, Shonna said, “The church said Jesus Christ.” The Bible study said that Jesus Christ. “I have never heard such a thing said in a public school before. She said it wasn’t that he said the word, it was how he said it because he dropped his Legos.” But in a statement sent to Inside Edition Digital, a school official said, “Desoto County Schools students would not be punished for saying Jesus Christ.”

“While school officials can’t talk about specific students, it’s possible that a student would be told off for disrespectfully using Jesus Christ’s name.” People on the internet, of course, had a lot to say about it. Most of them thought that if the boy had been punished, then the school should be blamed. How do you feel? Is this too far for the school? Tell us what you think in the box below.

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