For 40 years, she kept these boxes hidden from her husband in the attic. When she finally let him climb up and open them, he was shocked and started to cry. He hasn’t known this about her the whole time:

For 40 years, a woman kept some boxes hidden in her closet from her husband. The woman let the man open the boxes one day because he begged her to. When she saw what was inside the boxes, she was shocked and broke down in tears. Kris Bresnan, an American woman, told her husband a lie for forty years. Many boxes had been kept in the attic for many years. Now it was time for her husband to find out what was inside all those boxes.

New Jersey Man Writes Love Letter to His Wife Every Day for Almost 40 Years  - ABC News

The story of the boxes starts in 1975 when the two fell in love and chose to take a vacation away from the noise and crowds of New York City. Bill, Kris’s husband, gave her a paper during the holidays while they were laughing and playing. She wrote that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him and that he loved her. In the end, he drew the symbol for infinity. Bill now makes it a habit to surprise his wife every day with a letter, love note, or picture from Kris, the person he loves most in the world.

Man writes wife love letter every day for 40 years

He did this treat for his wife every day for 40 years. Kris saved all the letters and notes Bill sent him for 40 years without realizing it. He put them in at least 25 big boxes and kept them in the attic. They had been married for 40 years when Kris told her husband the real reason she wouldn’t let him go up into the attic and look through the inboxes.He couldn’t say anything when he was left to look in the boxes. He didn’t think his wife would keep all those letters for so long and hide them.

Adorable: Man writes love letter to wife every day for 40 years - ABC11  Raleigh-Durham

The man broke down in tears and gave his wife a big hug because he didn’t know how to thank her for this wonderful thing. During the holiday, Bill and Kris read to each other the things he had said to her over the years. During that time, they remembered happy times together and celebrated their 40th anniversary in the most lovely way.

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