10-Minute Rice Soup

There are a lot of breads, potatoes, and pastas out there, but rice is the only food that really helps us when we need body and mind comfort. This 10-Minute Rice Soup is a quick and easy way to feel better. After-meal rice is mixed with a tasty soup and eggs to make a delicious dish that you can eat spoonful after spoonful. These three soups—avgolmono in Greece, zosui in Japan, and khao tom in Thailand—are just a few of the many rice-based soups that can be found around the world.

They show how versatile rice is and how comforting it is. People who are sick should eat rice to get better. Young and old can both eat and process it because it’s fair. In this case, this 10-minute Rice Soup takes comfort food and speeds up the preparation process. The soy-chicken broth is mixed with leftover rice, and eggs are added on top to add extra nutrition.

You can use any rice that you have left over. I used short-grain rice that I had left over, but a box of rice from last night’s takeout will work just as well. First, get your eggs ready. The tough proteins in the egg white are broken down when you whisk the eggs with salt at the start and let them rest. This makes for a soft scramble. Warm up the chicken stock and soy sauce quickly in a pot. Add the rice and stir it in so that it doesn’t form clumps.

Let the soup and rice cook together. The natural starches in the rice will make the soup a little thicker. There should be some loose rice in the soup. You can add more stock if the soup looks too thick. You decide how thick you want it to be. Turn down the heat and let the soup warm up slowly before adding the eggs that have been mixed. What will happen is that the eggs will scramble when they touch the hot water.

Served in a bowl, it gives you a sense of happiness you didn’t know was possible. Even though the dish is very easy, it tastes so good and comforting. Adding sliced onions as a garnish makes the taste better, and the fresh crunch is a nice contrast to the other textures.When you don’t want to make a big, complicated meal, this is the perfect pick-me-up. It keeps you warm and gives you the energy to get through the day.

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