With the electric trailer of the future, you can work from home and enjoy life without the power grid.

Can you picture yourself living in a cozy electric van, working from home, and enjoying everything that life on the road has to offer? It really is a one-of-a-kind and satisfying way of life that blends the ease of home life with the freedom to travel. Pebble, a company based in California, has come up with a new way for remote workers to stay busy while on the go and help the environment.

Pebble Flow Trailer's Magic Hitch feature.

Based on what My Modern Met says, the Pebble Flow Trailer is a high-end, all-electric trailer made for independent workers who want to take their office off the grid. Inside this electric trailer, there are large panorama windows, a queen-sized Murphy bed in the back, and a full bed that can be turned into a Murphy bed. The kitchen and flip-down desk make it easy to work on a laptop while you’re on the go. The trailer has many high-tech features that make it easier to use, like the InstaCamp system.

Family enjoying some smores during camping with Pebble's electric trailer on the background.

When this system is turned on, it levels the trailer, opens the door, sets the temperature, extends the stairs, and sets up the awning as soon as the trailer is stopped. With the Magic Hitch feature, the Pebble Flow can easily line up and connect to the tow car. Even though it’s big, the Pebble Flow Trailer is easy to pull behind you thanks to its dual-motor Active Propulsion Assist System. This makes going to new places easy and fun.

Pebble's electric trailer being pulled by an SUV.

The trailer is driven by a 45 kWh LFP battery, which is one of the safest batteries for electric cars on the market. This battery gives you enough power to run all of your tools and live without the power grid for up to seven days. Pebble also talks about how the trailer could be used as a backup battery for homes in case of a disaster. Pebble wants to make camping easier by getting rid of the problems that come with traditional travel trailers, like having to connect a truck to a trailer, back a trailer into tight areas,

Queen-sized Murphy bed inside Pebble's electric trailer that can accomodate a family of four.

deal with limited power sources, and fix problems with water damage. Motor Trend says that you can pre-order the Pebble Flow, which starts at $109,000 or $125,000 for the Magic Pack update, which adds a dual-motor drivetrain and more advanced remote control features. Watch the movie below to find out what’s inside Pebble’s electric trailer:

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