Men all despise their woman who has the following habits.

Guys adore their women, yet they can’t help but dislike some annoying girlfriend habits. Avoid these practices, and your man will feel much better about the relationship.1. Checking his phone. It’s natural to ask him who he’s texting and even try to glance at the screen when he’s sitting next to you, but you shouldn’t feel compelled to browse through all of his texts and emails when he’s not around.

2. Multiple calls. It is wonderful to phone your boyfriend once or twice a day to talk. However, if you phone him every hour to listen in on the background noise, your relationship is in peril. If you don’t trust him to tell you where he is, you won’t be together long.

3. Quizzing him. When he gets home from his friend’s house, do you question him about what they did since you don’t believe they were together? It’s okay to ask him questions out of curiosity, but don’t keep asking until you find anything to yell at him about.

4. Insecurity. Do you cry every time he stares at another girl? It is natural for humans to stare at other humans, even if they are in a relationship. Obviously, if he is acting inappropriately, you have the right to speak up. But if he’s just smiling politely at your waitress, don’t inquire if he thinks she’s prettier than you.

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