Triplets who endured throughout childhood have discovered new life.

In September 1988, triplets Trae, Jordan, and Chandra Burns were sleeping in their cots when a house fire broke out. The young mother died in the fire. Fortunately, all three girls survived, albeit severely injured. 30-45% of each body was burned. At first, physicians were concerned that they would be unable to save them. The babies were just 1.5 years old when the issue began. Following the mother’s death, the authorities did not charge the children’s father with arson, but he died of a drug overdose in 2003.

They underwent years of plastic surgery, skin transplants, and multi-day therapy. And this does not include the girls’ grief over their mother’s death, the tortures and torments inflicted by peers’ derision, and their self-doubt.

They spent all these years looking for a newer, more advanced approach to treat and regenerate the skin. They studied only together and helped each other avoid falling into the victim role. Girls learned to conceal faults beneath layers of cosmetics and clothing.

A few years ago, Chandra learned about a laser skin resurfacing therapy that aids in the treatment of acne. She could help the triplets with their scars. And Dr. Jill Weibel of South Florida offered to conduct the operation for free. They did find happiness, and now, with a new appearance, the girls aid others whose lives, like theirs, have been twisted by fire.

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