A COUPLE who were remodeling their 1960s home were astounded to discover a mysterious suitcase hidden in their attic. When they opened it, they were shocked.

Taking to social media, the pair claimed they had discovered a silver suitcase in their attic, which had been stored in an area the previous owner had assumed would not be discovered.The couple discovered a hidden room in their attic and wanted to check out what was beyond the door. While renovating their new home, the couple discovered a concealed suitcase, and people following their journey were curious to learn what was inside.

In the video, she opens a little door that leads to a tiny section of the attic that had previously been closed and eventually finds the suitcase. She stated, “The first thing we noticed was that the case was labeled Rimowa, and we had no idea what brand it was. “And that would give it a bit of Google and it turns out that is now owned by Louis Vuitton.”We’re quite delighted with the vintage casing.”

The young woman was pleased to discover that the suitcase was worth something and stated that she intended to sell it on eBay soon. On eBay, some of this brand’s luggage are selling for up to £1,700 each, so it appears the pair struck gold. But others were even more interested in what was hidden in the bag for it to be stashed in such a secret portion of the house. When they opened it, the couple was surprised to find an even smaller suitcase from the same brand tucked away inside.

However, when the couple opened the second luggage, they encountered a terrifying find. Whoever owned the bags had stuffed a creepy-looking old doll inside, which they had fastened to the suitcase. She added, “I believe it may be a collectible. “I’m not sure, but that’s a little strange, especially since it was strapped in.

“I’m not sure how I feel about that. “But here’s just a close up of the very disturbing doll.”People instantly flocked to the comments section to express their thoughts on the mysterious find. Some were pleased that the pair discovered the ancient bags, while others were completely scared out by the doll.

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