These signs indicate that you have completely lost your man.

These 16 signs indicate that you have completely lost your man. If you find that you are both guilty of the following, then your boyfriend has truly moved on, and it would be best if you did as well. 1. He is already in a new relationship with someone. 2. He has entirely removed any traces of you from his social media. 3. He will pick arguments with you over minor issues. 4. He communicates with his ex-girlfriends and former boyfriends.

5. He cancels date nights with you increasingly frequently.6. He begs that you restore his possessions to him. 7. His vision of the future is opposed to yours, and he is not willing to compromise. 8. When he is near you, he acts shady and sketchy. 9. He makes fun of you just to make you feel awful. 10. He refrains from engaging in physical intimacy and tenderness with you.

11. Your unforgettable dates are no longer important to him.12. He does not make you feel supported. 13. He seems to be in a constant state of unhappiness and dissatisfaction with you. 14. He does not answer your messages or return missed phone calls. 15. He stops bringing you presents and goodies. 16. He no longer says he loves you.

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