There is a huge iceberg floating near the village. People were scared when they saw what was on it.

People who lived in Haven’s Edge were scared and confused when an iceberg rose over the shore. People in the town slowly got closer to the huge, frozen monster and saw something that made their spines tingle.On the iceberg, there was an unexpected resident: a mystery person who made the people who lived there feel both scared and interested. People in the area were ready for the story to start because they didn’t know who or where the stranger was or what he was up to.

At the same time, Michael and Dr. Jensen went on a dangerous trip to see what was inside the iceberg. Outside of what they knew, they went into the middle of the icy plain. Their scary trip took place in the middle of nowhere, in the cold, with bad weather and the fear of the unknown all around them. A helicopter took Michael and Dr. Jensen back to Haven’s Edge, where people were glad to see them and interested in what was going on.

A lot of people from the town gathered around to hear the story of the iceberg and the strange person who came to visit it. The people in town were amazed by Michael and Dr. Jensen’s trip as they told the tale. They enjoyed the excitement that had come over their town, which had been sleepy before. To see them, people from all over the world came to the shores of Haven’s Edge after hearing they were alive.

The town became a busy place for scientific study and news coverage as people rushed to find out what the iceberg was hiding and what it meant for the world. The bravery and power of Michael and Dr. Jensen made other people in the area want to follow their lead and explore and find.

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