My sister accused me of being inappropriately dressed in front of her husband.

After having her breasts reduced, a young woman felt good about herself and wore a tight shirt to a family dinner. Her sister said she was trying to seduce her husband, who was looking at her, by dressing badly. Read the whole thing.My sister, who is 26, and her husband, who is 30, are involved in this situation. I am a 22-year-old woman.

To give you some background, my breasts have been unusually big compared to my otherwise small body since they were born. I’ve always thought my body looked funny at 5 feet 2 inches. So, I’ve always covered up my body with jackets and t-shirts that are too big on me because I was really embarrassed and unhappy with how I looked.

My main goal since I was 16 was to save enough money for a breast reduction. Luckily, I was able to pay for the surgery last year. I’ve never been so comfortable and happy with my body as I am now, even though my breasts are still pretty big. This change has brought me a lot of physical comfort.My sister and her husband came to visit our family last weekend, and we planned to have dinner at a fairly high-end restaurant.

I chose to wear pants and a shirt that fit close to my body for the event. The shirt didn’t show my chest, but the tight fit showed off my figure. At first, the dinner looked like it was going well; everyone was talking. But I quickly realized that my brother-in-law was looking at me very intently. I felt awkward with this, and I think my sister did too, because she was very quiet for the rest of the night.

I thought she was mad at her husband because he was staring at me and making me feel bad.That night, my sister sent me a message saying I was dressed badly in front of a married man. She said I didn’t respect myself and that the way I dressed was an attempt to get her husband to like me. I told her that wasn’t my goal when I replied, and I told her that his stares were making me feel bad. Her answer was rude, like I shouldn’t have dressed that way if I didn’t want him to look at me.

This conversation hurt me a lot, so I asked my mom what she thought to get support. She did side with my sister, though, which made me sad. This has made me think about what I did and whether I should have been more careful about what I wore, especially since my mother also seemed to think I was wrong. In this case, who do you think is right? People can have disagreements about what to wear with both blood cousins and in-laws.

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