Dear Men, Not Money, Here Are Three Things A Good Woman Wants From You.

Yes. You might buy her any costly presents or jewelry she wishes. Yes, you could build her the best house possible using modern technical techniques. You might gift her with the most costly cars and gadgets on the market. You could give her a bottomless money account over which she has complete control. You could do all of these things to show her how much she matters to you, but she will not appreciate them as much as these three things.

All of these gifts are wonderful, but a good woman will be more concerned with your time than with the tangible stuff. She is the type of girl who would gladly give up all of her fine jewels to spend more time with you. She would not accept any of the luxury cars if it meant having to work extra hours simply to pay your bills. Money is fantastic, but it comes and goes. Time cannot be bought or sold. It’s something you’re given, so make the most of it. It is not something that can be purchased or sold.

Time is valuable, and a good woman understands that it is the most valuable gift she can possibly give to another person. So, if she is given the choice between time and money, she will always choose time. Because, in the end, it isn’t money that will bind you together; it’s the time you choose to invest in the relationship that will make it valuable. You could provide her with the financial security that many people strive for throughout their lives. You may guarantee her that she will never go hungry or be homeless again in her life.

You could offer the finest possible future for any children you may have together. You might assure her that your children will be able to attend the best schools and will never lack anything. You could give her whatever material future she desired. But, in the end, she will value your attention more than anything else. She wants you to be the type of man who can give her the attention she requires to be happy. She wants you to be the type of person who will look after her when she is feeling weak or vulnerable.

She is the type of woman who will want you to be her shoulder to cry on when life becomes too overwhelming. Yes, money can buy women happiness, but nothing can replace the intimacy of human touch. Nothing can ever be adequate to replace the worth of reassuring words of love and support. The promise of a bright future with a lot of money pales in comparison to the prospect of a nice future with a lot of undivided attention in the relationship.

She would gladly give up all of the world’s riches if it meant that you would always be available to listen to her anytime she needed to speak. She wouldn’t want anything to do with the money if it meant disregarding her. A good woman understands that giving one another the attention they require is more vital in a relationship than money.

You could walk through every store in the mall and purchase her whatever she desired. You could take the most extravagant excursions to the most luxury destinations in the world without having to worry about roughing it. You could host the most opulent parties for her and fill your home with the world’s wealthiest individuals. But, in the end, nothing will be more essential to her than your love. That’s what it all comes down to.

It all depends on whether you love her or not. So, whether you can give her a mansion with acres of garden area or a small, cramped studio apartment in the heart of a bad neighborhood, the only thing that will truly matter to her is whether you love her or not. That is the one thing she will expect from you. That is the only thing that will not change. She can survive without money, as pleasant as it would be to have an unlimited supply of it. But she cannot live without your affection.

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