Click the video below to see this adorable little child. Little girl cries while listening to Andrea Bocelli and Elmo.

Music has a remarkable ability to evoke emotion. Consider the last time you heard your favorite music, or how quickly household duties went when you played an album you hadn’t heard in years. And what about that spooky theme song you heard in a movie that sent shivers down your spine? Your wedding song? What’s your joyful dancing song?

Any little ditty that gets stuck in your head and puts a spring in your step, or makes you stop what you’re doing and take a trip down memory lane, is the true beauty of music, a global language that speaks to everyone, young and old! So, when Andrea Bocelli appeared on “Sesame Street” as part of a segment with Elmo, it’s no wonder that their duet was an emotional smash with both adults and children.

The creators of “Sesame Street” had a stroke of genius when they came up with the idea of having Andrea Bocelli appear as a special guest. Along with Elmo, his popular song “Time to Say Goodbye” was reworked as “Time to Say Goodnight” in a beautifully lovely segment of the show to urge children to go to bed. Andrea attempts to tuck Elmo in at night, but the beloved red fuzzy character refuses, claiming that he is not weary.

Andrea begins his song, a lullaby to help Elmo fall slumber, and it is beautiful. Andrea’s divine voice talks to the soul, eliciting such emotion from anyone (and almost everyone!) who sees this episode, including this mother and her young daughter. In the video, mom is on the couch with her gorgeous daughter, watching Andrea and Elmo on television.

Mom is filming her daughter’s emotional reaction from beginning to end, and it’s absolutely adorable. The girl’s eyes are fixed on the screen the entire time while she goes through a variety of emotions. She is first riveted, appearing intrigued and obviously enjoying what she is viewing. Andrea leans forward a little more as she begins to sing, her eyes glued to the music and not blinking!

Her lip is pouted slightly when she breaks her stare to look at mom. She is on the verge of tears at this point, for no apparent reason other than that she is emotionally invested. This small child is coping with complex emotions as she tries to make sense of the song’s beauty and eerie tone. In the end, she is crying as her mother pulls her in for a hug, saying, “Poor baby, come here.

It’s okay. She recently experienced her first soul-stirring encounter! This toddler is an old soul from another era and place, with a truly loving, poetic heart! She enjoys meaningful music and can recognize some of the more complex emotions that even adults struggle with. What a cutie! I hope she gets a big embrace and lots of affection, and that she continues to learn more about emotions and sentiments!

Click the video below to see this sweet little child experience the power of music!

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