Blind boy’s angelic ‘You Raise Me Up’ echoes his love to Heaven at mother’s memorial

Sometimes life gives us moments that are so moving that they stay with us forever. One such occasion was brilliantly recorded in a newly discovered YouTube video clip. It comes from a memorial service full of love and good recollections. The focal point of this meeting is Jonah Manley, a 15-year-old visually handicapped youngster whose memorial to his late mother is nothing short of astounding.

As Jonah approaches the microphone, the atmosphere shifts from a sad environment to one of warmth and affection. Jonah begins by expressing his affection for his mother uniquely. With each reason he gives for why he loves her, the room lights up with nods of approval. His remarks, so full of affection, give a clear image of their magnificent relationship, transforming the memorial into a tribute to her life.

The emotional high point of the service occurs when Jonah’s father announces his son’s piano performance. Jonah chose Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up,” a song that he and his mother both loved. As his fingers dance across the piano keys, it’s evident that every note represents a piece of his heart.

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