6 Things A Woman Is Always Jealous Of But Will Never Tell Her Man

6 Things A Woman is Always Jealous Of But Will Never Say. Dear males, while you’re in a relationship with a girl, make sure she never experiences the following events and becomes envious. 1. Responding to a girl’s text when you are out with her. While out with your woman, you receive a text from another woman (a friend or colleague, for example). Avoid answering the SMS and, clearly, smiling. This may make her jealous.

2. Your bond with other females. Never describe how much you connect and bond with another girl. Despite the fact that she is a very relaxed girlfriend, she will be envious if she finds out you are bonding with another woman. In some cases, helping out a particularly gorgeous girl in your office may appear as a danger and a source of jealousy for your girl.

Even if you have honest intentions.3. Excessive contact with ex-partners may cause offense to your current partner. While staying in touch with ex-partners is acceptable, spending a lot of time with them or constantly talking about them would undoubtedly make them jealous. 4. Overly sociable on social media.
Men tend to forget their limits more on social media than in real life.

If this does not make a female envious, there is something odd about your relationship. 5. Mentioning that another girl is attractive. Your woman may be insulted by this since her hectic schedule prevents her from hitting the gym. Women are threatened by the things they are most vulnerable to. Yoy must avoid making her insecure by pointing out other girls’ assets and identify her insecurities.

6. Defending another woman. It’s okay to be chivalrous by nature and constantly stand up for the women in your life, as long as your wife is your top priority. Women are fond of chivalry, but the fact of being at the top of the list. If this does not happen, she may interpret your chivalry as a sign of betrayal.

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