Good Trade!

Mike was coming home after a long business trip in Northern Arizona when he noticed an elderly Navajo man strolling along the side of the road. Because the drive was long and silent, he pulled over and asked the Navajo man if he wanted a ride.

With a whispered thank you, the old guy entered the car. Mike resumed his journey and attempted, unsuccessfully, to make small talk with the Navajo man. The old man sat silently, staring at everything he saw, scrutinizing every detail, until he noticed a brown bag on the seat next to Mike.

Native American man,, indiens Navajo de Monument Valley, USA, avec tambours  et collier Photo Stock - Alamy

“What’s in the bag?” questioned the elderly man. Mike looked down into the brown bag and exclaimed, “Oh, there’s a bottle of wine. “I bought it for my wife.”The Navajo man remained silent for another period or two. Then, with the calm wisdom of an elder, he remarked, “Good trade!”

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