5 ways a married man will act when he’s attracted to another woman.

Dear girls, here are five ways a married man would behave when he is interested to you. 1. He seeks for excuses to get closer to you. If a married man is attracted to you, he will look for any excuse to come closer to you, whether it’s racing to sit next to you or simply leaning in while you’re talking. He believes you’re beautiful, and he is glued to your presence.

He can’t help but want to be as close as he can. Can you tell he dislikes it when there are people between him and you? He may be OK chatting to others from a distance, but when he talks to you, he prefers to be close. These are the types of clues to keep an eye out for. If he’s continually looking for methods to get closer to you, it means he’s very into you.

2. Teasing and flirting. He’ll flirt in whatever way he feels most comfortable with. He will flirt with you if he is attracted to you. And, like most males interested in a girl, he’ll probably tease you a little bit. He’ll use humorous and possibly obscene language to make you blush, feel lovely, and be captivated by him. He’s attempting to gain your attention, and he’ll act appropriately.

3. His Body Language. He will lean in as you speak. His feet will always point towards you. He could be unable to stop smiling whenever you chat. He plans to make a lot of eye contact. Alternatively, he will always look aside, embarrassed. He might place his hand on your arm or touch your knee. These kinds of bodily movements will reveal his actual emotions. Once you learn to read his body language, you will be able to determine whether or not he is attracted to you. And here’s the thing: regardless of whether he’s married or not, his body language will be consistent. Desire will always manifest in the body.

4. He is interested in your love life. One of the most obvious symptoms that a married man is attracted to someone other than his wife is his desire to learn about her love life. If he appears preoccupied with who you’re seeing, what you’re looking for in a guy, and your romantic fantasies, there’s a good probability he’s interested in you in that way. Sure, friends discuss dating, but if this becomes a regular topic, something is wrong.5. He doesn’t discuss his wife with you.

That’s a clear indication that he is attracted to you. If you notice that he avoids discussing his marriage while he is around you, it could indicate that he is interested to you. But be warned: having an affair is a risky business, and you never know how it will turn out. Most likely, it will not end well.

However, there could be a really complicated narrative behind the whole situation, and he is hesitant to bring it up because he does not want to damage his chances with you or turn you off to him in any way. There’s a lot going on when a man doesn’t mention his wife to you yet plainly is interested in you.

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