A man only does these eight things when he truly loves a woman and desires her attention.

1. He shares everything. When a man falls in love, he wants to share everything with his love interest. He will prove his love for that woman by talking about everything, sharing ice cream, and eating together.


2. He holds your hand everywhere. While hand-holding is frequent in all new relationships, only a certain type of pair would do it almost anyplace, regardless of the circumstances. If he reaches for your hand while we’re driving, know that you’re the only thing he’s thinking about. And if he does it in the most public locations, you should spend your entire life with him.

3. His Free Time Is For You. When a guy is completely smitten with a female, there is no such thing as resting alone. Every minute is dedicated to yours truly, and if you’re not accessible, they’re probably arranging their next big, romantic date together.

4. He spoons even after S3. The act of spooning carries a lot of meaning. When a male doesn’t love a girl, he will do his utmost to distance himself after performing the filthy deed. When he spoons after s3x, you know you’ve completely rocked his world. Sleeping with you is simply a bonus.

5. He makes sacrifices without question. When it comes to the girl of his dreams, a man is willing to cancel almost any plans to keep her happy. This spans from hanging out with the lads to watching a leisurely, romantic chick flick with you.

6. He fights for your love. A real man sees when a relationship is failing and does not back down. While any other guy would simply jump ship or seek sanctuary by cheating, this exceptional fella would try to repair any damage so that the relationship may last for decades.

7. You are always beautiful. A guy who is truly in love will never use the word “ugly” under any circumstances, even if she isn’t conventionally gorgeous in the eyes of society.

8. Respect boundaries and wishes. Despite saying it like it is, a real man will know where to draw the line and respect your decisions. He will encourage your career goals and other strong aspirations, both short and long term. This is all due to being a good listener and staying with you every step of the way.

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