The story of the conjoined twins who were separated after 12 hours of surgery. How do they look today?

The article tells the astonishing story of conjoined twins Stuti and Aradhana, whose lives were profoundly changed by a complicated and pioneering surgical procedure. The twins, who had been inextricably linked for years, had a dramatic 12-hour surgery at Mission Hospital, emerging as distinct persons with newfound potential.Aradhana and Stuti Yadav, conjoined twin sisters with connected fates, fought an uphill battle from the beginning. Their uncommon condition, which had merged livers and hearts connected by a membrane, presented an unprecedented difficulty.

Tragically, their parents, unable to afford the financial burden of their care, made the heartbreaking decision to abandon them at the Missionary Hospital in Padhar, India, following their birth on May 11, 2012. Their father, Hariram Yadav, a poor local farmer with only two acres of land, was placed in the difficult situation of providing for his family despite economic adversity.

The twins’ path from abandonment to the limelight of medical intervention demonstrates not just the complications of their disease, but also the deep impact of socioeconomic struggles on the decisions that families must make in order to ensure their children’s health. Stuti and Aradhana’s operation was funded by public donations.

The poignant story of Aradhana and Stuti Yadav sparked an outpouring of public generosity, which was matched by financial support from the Madhya Pradesh state government. Faced with the mammoth task of separating the conjoined twins, a specialized team of 23 doctors and 11 nurses from India and Australia worked together to complete the delicate and life-changing procedure.

Since their birth, the girls have been cared after by specialized hospital staff, with three nurses serving as surrogate mothers throughout shifts. Surprisingly, Hari Ram Yadav and Maya Yadav were persuaded to retain a relationship with their conjoined daughters, despite already having a six-year-old son.

After many hours in the operating room, the twins were finally separated. After spending several hours in the operating room, the conjoined twins, who were previously connected at the chest, were successfully split in a meticulously planned 12-hour procedure supervised by a team of 23 doctors and 11 nurses from India and Australia.

The high-risk surgery began at 9 a.m. and ended at 9 p.m.The difficult process began with the separation of their hearts, which had previously been linked by a membrane, followed by the delicate division of their united livers. Dr. Rajiv Choudhry, the hospital’s superintendent, expressed delight with the surgical outcome, which reflected the medical team’s dedication and ability.

However, despite the success, a sorrowful note emerged when infant Aradhana died of a heart attack just 15 days after the difficult operation that had been performed to separate her from her sibling Stuti. In terms of difficult operations, learn about the incredible journey of a guy known as “The Tree Man,” who fought the odds to embrace a wonderful moment: the ability to hold his daughter again. Through a series of sophisticated procedures, this exceptional guy overcame a rare illness that had encased his hands in tree-like growths, making simple gestures impossible.

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