Cream cheese lemonade pie. This luscious and creamy delicacy requires only six ingredients!

If you’re like us and are always looking for the perfect summer dessert, we may have discovered it for you. Cheesecake is a year-round favorite, but converting it into a cheesecake-pudding hybrid is quite impressive, and you’ll want to try it right now after viewing this recipe. We serve you cream cheese lemonade pie.

All the creaminess of a cheesecake, but without the bother and filled to the brim with the sweet and tart lemonade goodness we all know and love.So we stated that this recipe includes pudding, but that’s not all. In addition to using lemon pudding to thicken the pie and add structure, we utilized frozen lemonade concentrate to boost the flavor and truly transform this into a lemonade dessert.

The end product is a very lemony delicacy that will cool you down on even the hottest days and leave you wanting more once you’ve completed your first slice. Fortunately, the recipe is quite simple, so you can make more whenever the craving strikes! How’s that for the ideal summer dessert?

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