Greek Orange Cake

The standard baklava is the Greek dessert that most Americans have probably heard of. It’s one of my all-time favorite treats, but I hadn’t tried many other Greek sweets before, which was a mistake! I recently came across a recipe for Greek Orange Cake, which is also known as Portokalopita in Greek. I was quickly interested in it.

Greek Orange Cake OG 3

The phyllo dough is also used to make this cake, but the steps are very different. It tastes incredibly strong of orange and has the best texture ever.With more than a cup of orange juice and a lot of fresh orange zest, this treat is just the right amount of sweet and sour. The phyllo dough is split up and allowed to dry out a bit. It is then torn or crumbled into little bits.

Then it’s added to the tasty orange batter and baked for 35 minutes, or until it’s golden. A simple orange syrup is made on the stove and then poured over the warm cake right after it’s cooked. This makes sure that every bite is extra moist.

After a few hours, let the sauce soak into the cake. Then it’s time to eat! It’s great as a snack in the afternoon or as a dessert late at night. One of our favorite things to eat is a slice with vanilla ice cream. Try making this traditional Greek dessert instead of the same old things you always bake. It will become a new favorite.

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