Hotel personnel made shocking and nasty finds.

Hotel workers have seen it all. They work with a variety of people, some of whom may be genuine “Karens,” but they manage to put up with them in order to keep their employment. Furthermore, they come across disturbing and filthy content. Some hotel staff share their experiences on Reddit. Please read them below 1. The unused toilet.

As they were cleaning a guest room, these hotel staff observed that the floor was completely covered in rolled-up towels. They immediately sensed something was wrong. When they started gathering the towels, they discovered feces underneath them. The odor was strong. But this did not end there. When they entered the bathroom, they discovered mounds of excrement mixed with urine in numerous locations, including the shower, which was hidden by the shower curtain.

What a messy situation. 2. The Pizza Puzzle. A hotel worker discovered slices of pizza scattered throughout a room while cleaning it. Some were splattered throughout the TV, as if the visitors were viewing the cheesiest shows. Other slices were discovered in the drawer, nightstand, bedding, and bathroom sink.The most unlikely spot where the final peace could be found was inside a lampshade.

It’s not surprising that the workers were taken aback by the “pizza” issue. 3. The Mouse . A couple was staying at a guesthouse but kept complaining about unusual noises and their garments being nibbled on. As the proprietors informed them that the room was clean, the woman returned with a live rat, which she hurled at the reception desk.

She then wanted a refund for the entire stay. Suspecting foul play, the proprietors checked the room for signs of rat infestations and asked the pair leave immediately.The pair threatened to sue at first, but eventually chose to do as they were ordered and flee the scene 4. Too much luggage. At a hotel, a couple checked in with a remarkable number of suitcases, far too many for a few days’ vacation. What the workers didn’t realize was that those suitcases were absolutely empty because the pair had planned to steal everything from the room they were staying in, including the windows. Yes, you read it correctly!

They were taken aback when the workmen entered the room to clean it after they had checked out. Unfortunately, the couple had already left, and the workers had lost their jobs. 5. Where is the bathroom? A guest at an upscale hotel approached the worker and asked for directions to the bathroom. They were in a rush, so they approached the bell stand for directions.

Nobody anticipated that this would result in a nasty situation.Apparently, the guest was ignorant that they had a medical condition, and as they walked downstairs, they left a trail of feces behind them, with each step revealing more. They not only caused a mess in the corridor, but they also left the bathroom in an extremely unclean condition.

The hotel administration subsequently blacklisted them, despite their warnings to post a bed review for the establishment.6. The Sleep Walker
A woman in anxiety approached the front desk of a tiny boutique hotel, reporting that her husband was sleepwalking and couldn’t be found. She was confident he had invaded someone else’s room while sleepwalking.

They studied the CCTV footage to monitor the husband’s whereabouts without causing a scene or risking uncomfortable confrontations by searching people’s rooms. Fortunately, he was discovered asleep in an empty room. That day, the couple checked out but left behind a fantastic story to tell.

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