Why did Michael Jackson wear smaller clothes at the end of his show?

Michael Jackson was a fussy dresser who wanted to stand out. That’s why his costumes were so detailed, leaving everyone wondering why they were there and what they meant. For example, practically every garment Michael Jackson wore had an armband on the right sleeve, and some of his jackets even had “777” stitched on them. Why did he wear smaller outfits near the conclusion of his shows?

Michael Jackson’s dance routines were physically demanding, and he gave his all during his performances. By the end of the show, he would have lost up to 5 pounds and one inch around his waist. And because his garments needed to fit exactly so that he could demonstrate his dance movements, each subsequent costume was somewhat smaller than the preceding one.

2. How his lean shoes performed. Michael Jackson’s shoes, which helped him defy gravity, included a V-shaped clasp at the bottom of the heels. With it, he could hook into a nail on the floor and accomplish his famous 45-degree forward tilt. However, in order to do so while simultaneously keeping his entire body upright, he required an unbelievable level of core and leg power.

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