Why Southerners are Adding Peanuts to Coke?

Is adding peanuts to Coca-Cola really “delicious”? Well, to put it briefly, yes. Putting the salty snack in the soda is one of the more common traditions, along with comfort food and sweet tea, among many others that Southerners know and enjoy.

In addition to Southern culinary staples such as fried chicken and pecan pie, there is an unusual practice of popping peanuts in cola. According to historian Rick McDaniel, this trend originated in the 1920s, when rural merchants began selling shelled peanuts with bottled Coca-Cola.

Workers began mixing peanuts, maybe to avoid touching each peanut with unclean hands. Another notion ties it to travel. It is legal to put peanuts in Coke bottles for a hands-free snack while driving a typical manual vehicle.

For the most realistic experience, pair ordinary Coke with salted peanuts (preferably in a glass bottle for maximum flavor). This strange-sounding Southern tradition has been passed down through generations, and it provides a unique combination of salty and sweet that many people find pleasantly enjoyable.If you love this combination, tell your friends and family!

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