The lovers changed the wedding to the hospital at the last minute – which is why

In the last year, many lovers have had to postpone their weddings multiple times. The more joyful and grand the ceremony grew. In contrast, these couples opted to forego the extra tragedy and hold a simple wedding in the hospital. Why did they do this? These guys have all of 2020 to prepare every detail of their wedding ceremony. They chose a dress, a veil, and a bouquet; discussed the guest list and seating arrangements; decided on a menu; and agreed on the photographer. The ceremony was scheduled for June 5, and the couple was looking forward to the special day. But one problem shattered the blissful expectation.

Taura, the bride’s mother, has been hospitalized. Taura received a devastating diagnosis of stage four lung cancer in 2018. She was fighting for her life, but on the eve of the wedding, another complication occurred. Taura’s condition worsened, and she was placed on a ventilator. The future mother-in-law’s presence at the ceremony was already certain. But the girl would not put up with this situation. She conferred with the groom, and the couple devised a way out.

Carly Auddino and her prospective husband opted to move the wedding to an earlier date and spend it in the hospital. Of course, it was impossible to invite the entire group of friends, but a little ceremony might be arranged. All for someone close to them to be present on an important day. For the bride, it was more essential than a lavish celebration, a stunning gown, or a large crowd.

“She fought so long and so hard, and she wanted to be at this wedding, so I wanted to do everything in my power so she could attend,” she says.
The daughter obtained the physicians’ consent and coordinated with a group of patients from her mother’s department to ensure that the event took place as planned. The wedding took place in the hospital’s conference room.

Carly came down the aisle on her fiance’s arm, followed by her four brothers, as her closest family and friends stood in the hallway. Tauri was unable to get out of bed, but the patient was wheeled into the hall on her behalf, and the woman was positioned such that she could observe the celebration. Taura recovered quickly after the wedding. But she was still too frail to participate in a full-scale celebration, which her daughter had planned for June 5.

The newlywed mother-in-law received images and a video clip shot especially for her by a bride’s friend. They didn’t forget about Mom; all of the guests wore bracelets with the wording “Taura is persistent,” and her favorite song was played just for her. “We thought about her throughout the ceremony, we knew that she would be with us mentally.”

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